Hi there - here’s a quick overview of this blog, myself, and the work I do.

My Blog

This blog is primarily designed as a repository of coding, devops, and startup-related errata that tends to not fit so cleanly into the preferred format of other, lesser blogging platforms… Here’s looking at you, Medium! (Oh, wait, I have Medium, too, and enjoy the heck out it)

My Work

I’ve been doing a great deal of security and DevOps-related endeavors for most of my career, with some minor successful entrepreneurship ventures in the gaps between (or, more often, overlapping).

Though others have been known to call it “cloud architecture”, “systems engineering”, or a plethora of other terms, my skills are probably best summarized simply as:

  • Helping developers write and deploy code more efficiently and with fewer errors
  • Ensuring the testing and stability of that code before it ever sees an end-user, and
  • Build production systems to gracefully stretch, scale, and just generally run the hell out of that code once it finally goes live. I like to focus on keeping those systems quite secure, as well.

My Self

And last - but hopefully not least? - I should introduce myself:
I go by dannykansas around the web, and you’ll usually find me by that handle. I’m often on IRC (but please message for the specific channels, as they’re kept to a small group for various privacy reasons).

I’m currently based in Kansas City, MO performing the aforementioned work for various clients and employers, as well as a few projects of my own. My writing is often technical, and thus ends up here more often than my Medium page.

Collaboration and connecting with others both in and well outside my primary fields of expertise and interest is core to my philosophy of living a well-rounded life, so please feel free to holler at me if I can be of service (or whatever strikes your fancy). Contact info is below:

Twitter: @dannykansas
GitHub: github.com/dannykansas
E-mail: mailbox “dan” on the server “logickc.com”


I’d be in error not to mention that I use GitHub’s excellent, native Jekyll platform to run this blog. Primarily for it’s ease and simplicity. You can find out more (and should) at github.com/jekyll/jekyll